Where is my PST file? How to find your Outlook file

Outlook pst fileFirstly if you are here, then you already know that your PST file is your Outlook personal storage table. If you have recently upgraded your computer/laptop and want to run your outlook from your new destination, I probably would not suggest to archive, rather distribute your old data to a new folder. Your current data should be under the Personal folder as a default. Move the stuff you no longer need on a daily basis to another folder, then copy your folders to a backup drive.

So how do you find this illusive PST folder?

From within MS Outlook 2007: Tools > Account Settings > Data Files (TAB)
You may notice multiple accounts. click Open File Location to open the Outlook data folder in Explorer.

OR if you are like me and Outlook has frozen and there is no way you can get into it, even in safe mode….. don’t ask!

Then enter the following in the address bar in Explorer or in the Run command:
Drag the files over to your backup/new location. 

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2 Responses to Where is my PST file? How to find your Outlook file

  1. Anna Harris says:

    Hi Jacqui. Anna Harris here. I am still a facebook moron. I need training on facebook.
    I get requests all the time to play games or put my birthday in and things like that but I don’t know how to do it. My smart teenage kids have both left for university so it is just my husband & I and we are both basic when it comes to facebook.
    I hope you do very well with your new venture.
    Cheers Anna

    • Jac C says:

      Why HI there Anna, I’ll have to do a little Facebook APPs blog for you. If you have played a game or entered a competition on FB – you will have the APP installed…..Stay tuned for more! Jac xx

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