Worth the Wait

Ever waited for something long enough to really appreciate it?

The week gone by I was lucky enough to do just that. This is also a little tell tale as to how old I am… For my 40th the idea was that I was to get to swim with a Dolphin. Nice idea, but never really got an opportunity to organise it.  So 5 years later, here we are.

Meet Calamity! From Dolphin Marine Magic.

We danced……

We played ball – which incidentally she was really good at.  I was thinking that she’d catch it on her nose, but no, she had to negotiate moving backwards by swishing her tail about and she caught the ball beautifully in her flippers!

Then I got the lovely surprise of being BOMB splashed by very powerful flippers. But no that wasn’t enough, she even did it with her tail! Very funny and I felt really bad for splashing back…

So all I can say is that it was worth the wait and we really enjoyed our time at Coffs Harbour. I can seriously recommend doing this!

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