Walk with Me


Holidays are just wonderful and even more so when you return to filter through all those snaps.  One particular day I didn’t feel like floating down the raging creek into the ocean as the other boys did…
Instead, I found a shelter posi behind some incredible rocks, pitched my towel tent on some stray branches and lay in the shade with the sea breeze blowing softly.  So here I am all by myself until I feel something a little creepy on my leg. Do I move quickly so as to not get bitten or slowly so I can see what it is and flick it away.

Slowly was the option – Ahh just a little sand crab.

Could not have been any bigger than a  centimetre.  You can see where his tiny feet have left an impression in the sand. I watched with interest and managed to find the iPhone – SNAP!

So here he is.  And he got me thinking about friends, not walking in front or behind but side by side. I quite like quotes and especially short ones.
Hope you like it too.  Feel free to share wherever you like.
Or can you think of another quote to suit this little guy?

About Jac C

Lover of Graphics, Photography, Family, Coffee and Friends
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