And That is That – Full Snot!


Words are the currency of social relationships.  They can connect people to each other – or push them apart.  Loving words not only build strong interpersonal bonds, but they also nourish and heal the one to whom they are addressed.  However when the idea of forming relationships is put on the back burner, either though personal choice or not understanding the concept in the first place, the need to conform goes by the wayside.

Our son attends a special school in an environment where many of the kids struggle with self control. Every day we are confronted with something and today was no different. Just when we have a win with our son and another child on name calling he comes home and tells me that another child is telling the ‘original’ child to call him names.

Now in his eyes, just adding a ‘y’ on the end of his first name is an issue – so any terms of endearment such as Honey, Sweetie or Mate are also OUT in his books.

So I start my little philosophy on name calling and try to convince him to express his feelings, shrug it off or if it gets too much to inform the teacher.  Well it was a lot more lengthy than that but you get the picture.

I finish with:-
“And YOU also understand that there is NO name calling and That is That – Full Stop”

And he politely says “Yeah Mummy, that is that – Full Snot!”

I think it got through !

Now I wonder if he has a hearing impediment or is just a really funny little man. Gee I love him to bits ~ he always (eventually) seems to make me smile.

What are your best misinterpreted messages from your kids or friends?

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