Why is my file so HUGE? How to resize images

How many times have to heard;

Why is my newsletter so huge?    Why can’t I send this file?     It takes ages for my images to upload.     I can only see a portion of my picture on the page.     I’ve run out of FREE space now I have to pay.     I don’t have Photoshop how can I resize an image?

If you have some fabulous photos to share from a recent event but find you have one of the above issues, or you need to resize the image to fit on the page, then you know you have to do something about it.

I’ve done a couple of videos on simple image resizing for both Mac and PC|Windows for the beginner.  Both pieces of software are standard, therefore FREE.  Take a look at them if you could relate to any of the above – or even if you just want to hear my voice!  Feel free to share with any of your not-so-computer-literate buddies.

I didn’t stipulate strong enough to RENAME your file – otherwise your original will be overridden.



Will talk about ways to SHARE documents later.  Quite different listening to yourself – I’d welcome any feedback for improvement. 🙂

Oh the image is of my son when he found a snail and decided to be ‘nice’ to it – for a while.

Jac x

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Lover of Graphics, Photography, Family, Coffee and Friends
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2 Responses to Why is my file so HUGE? How to resize images

  1. bushbabe says:

    Will share this Jac – get asked this question ALL THE TIME!!!!

  2. Jac C says:

    Thanks Amanda… Am putting together a bunch of these type of posts so I can refer my Clients to the one spot.

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