Picture This for Clients

Most of the time I like to think that I am aligned with my Clients requirements, however sometimes maybe it’s my Client who is not yet clear on what they actually like or know what they want.  Just as fashion morphs and refines, so do your own likes and visual flavours.


What I suggest for my Clients is to put together a pictorial collection so we can determine an underlying style|tone.  By creating a Board on Pinterest or an Indeabook on Houzz you can not only get a group of images together, you can also capture multiple source detail in Houzz of the items within the images if something really grabs you.

Colour sets the tone, so if your Client wants Sky Blue – before you start, it’s best to confirm exactly which sky you are referring to.  Only then can you start to work on something that your Client will be happy with. Let me tell you, it can save you both a lot of time, and you will both be grateful in the end.


They’re both images of the sky aren’t they!?

Which one is your sky blue?

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