How to get a great Close up – 5 quick steps

Not sure how to get a great close up?


Here are 5 quick steps so that you can achieve a lovely close up photo.
Note that this is not for enlarging and putting up on the wall – you may want to find someone more professional for that shot!

1. Move around to achieve the best angle.
2. Don’t move in too close – you can always crop later. And please no zoom on an iPhone – it’ll only end up blurry.
3. Early morning or late afternoon works well – unless you work with the sun and shadows.
4. I’ve used Instagram to crop : Move the image around in the crop space to see how it looks best.
5. Instagram also helps to keep it on your phone to send to someone special and I’ve used a little filter with my final image. You can also send as an eCard.

You can still see the dew drops in my final image, so be aware of all the details before you look through the lense.

This is the start image and was taken on my iPhone.

Close up Tutorial

What did you take a photo of this weekend?


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2 Responses to How to get a great Close up – 5 quick steps

  1. margot says:

    I tried to like it but the like took me to a log in at wordpress, I can’t remember my log on there.
    Well I too over 1800 pics this week end of soccer.

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