How do I add text to my image without Photoshop

Pic Monkey would have to be the best option for anyone who doesn’t have photo editing software and needs to ‘text up’ an image.  The free version allows you to do so much.

Coffee Mooo

If you are wanting to put together a collage there are a stack of templates for you to choose from.  Note that you must rework your images first as there is no option for text and rework in the free version for collages.  The editing is all done with a an intuitive interface easy enough for any novice.

If you wish to edit a photo, the choices are limitless (well almost).
There is a catalog down the left with options for:

Editing ToolsPicMonkey
Effect Tools
Touch Up Tools
Textures and

Here is a screen shot of the PicMonkey layout in Text mode. Their letter P is for text, and I’ve circled one crown but you can see there are more.  When making your selection you will see the little crown on some items which require you to upgrade to Royale.

PicMonkey Editing tools

Well I’d better STOP now otherwise I could be putting myself out of business!
If you are looking for a more professional touch – you know I’m always here to assist. (cheezy grin)

So with that being said, the first image and the one below have been fully edited in PicMonkey.  Enjoy!

Brush Brush

Swing on by to our facebook page so you can show off you PicMonkey pictures – I’d love to see what options you’ve found and ended up creating.


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