Autumn Blanket

Thanks to a huge wind and the inevitable undressing of our liquid amber tree, our front lawn (and the neighbours driveway – sorry!) got a beautiful Autumn blanket.


So what to do?

Autumn blanket

Wait until the whole tree is bare before doing anything? No ….

Leaf Heart

Ask a little one to make a shape with you.
All you need::

  • 1 rake
  • 1 keen little boy (or girl) with an imagination


  • 1 happy husband when he returned home from work!

Enjoy your long weekend.


About Jac C

Lover of Graphics, Photography, Family, Coffee and Friends
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2 Responses to Autumn Blanket

  1. Gorgeous idea Jacqui!!! My boys would love to run through that pile and mess it up 😉

    • Jac C says:

      You are welcome to bring your 3 by anytime to mosh up the leaves! It’s great therapy…
      I’ve got your blog in my Bloglovin feed now. 😉

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