Beer, Beetles and Buicks

Being a lover of old cars I was in a little 7th heaven on the weekend when we were lucky enough to make it to the 56th year of the Henry Lawson Festival.  Now I apologise for not listening close enough and getting all the details, but if you are into ‘old’ cars, then please feel free to add some comments. I love the curves, the colours and charisma of these old vehicles.

Where to start, probably with one of my favorites, my first car, well not MY first car, but I did have a 1970’s Beetle as my first car – clementine in colour.  This one a tad earlier as the indicators are in a different spot.

VW Beetle

Next a 1953 XK Jaguar. There were not many of these made so I am told – therefore quite a rare specimen and in immaculate condition.

XK 1953 Jaguar

Some more of the really old with some baggage – well a MT Ford and it’s caravan!

MT Ford and Caravan

The old Hancock Grenfell Haulage truck – still in the district.

Hancock Grenfell Haulage

Weddin Shire Council Dennis Fire Truck sporting a gorilla as mascot.

Dennis Fire Truck

Gorgeous Buick. I’m guessing 1956 based on the number plate. Some of these images are a little blurry as I had my little guy tugging at my arm going “Maa-um check this one out!” and also encouraging them to “Give it a rev!”

56 Buick

And now for some good old Holdens…..

Old Holden

Old Holden 2

Old Holden 3

And my pick of the whole day – mind you there were stacks of other fabulous cars on display.  This one I could drive around today. The Golden Fleece, originally restored Holden.

Golden Fleece Holden

With the Albion Hotel sporting 1866 and look of the central west craft suppliers, just take out the fluorescent orange tape to keep the crowds back, and you’d have no idea when this photo was taken.

The Henry Lawson Festival is an annual event held in Grenfell, NSW on the June long weekend. Grenfell is the birthplace of Henry Lawson (on 17th June 1897), one of Australia’s best loved poets and writer of short stories.  If you are wondering what the beer bit was, well the street is lined with a couple of pubs, so as well as the cars, there were stalls galore, floats, wood choppin’ and beer consumption.

I hope you enjoyed a snapshot of the car procession as much as I did. I’m quite happy to update the post with car model years and owners if you send me those comments.


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