Drink out of a Lense!

A recent post by a dear friend of mine over at Bush Babe of Oz has stirred up the old camera rivalry. When I was young my first camera was a Kodak Brownie and then a Minolta, well that survived a number of years globetrotting before getting stolen from my house when I got home – go figure.  My photo taking was done sparingly in those days as  I remember it was pretty damn expensive to develop a roll. Now I guess I take way too many with my Canon and not enough time on each one – it’s a real challenge to just take your time and settle on taking one image… let there be a lesson in that.

Ok now for the fun bit… 2 of my favourite things, coffee and cameras. You can find any of these on Ebay or just by surfing camera lense mug.  They are mostly 1:1 ratio of the real deal and hot/cold insulated. A super present for any photo buff.
First up the 24-105mm Canon mug.

Camera Lense Coffee

Camera Lense Coffee 6

This mug is sitting on the fence and not sporting Canon or Nikon or anyone else. INTO FOCUS

Camera Lense Coffee 2

Again the 24-105mm but with a cold beverage and loads of calories stacked on the top in the form of cream… and the EF 70-200mm Canon

Camera Lense Coffee 4

28-135mm Homade and showing you what to do with the cap – for bickies of course! You can also get 3 mini’s for a shot of espresso.

Camera Lense Coffee 5

And lastly, an old photo of me that I dug up from 1991 with the Minolta – that’s showing my age now eh…  it had to be at a wedding, my eldest sisters’ to be precise, as I’ve never really been one for makeup.

Jac with Minolta

So what do you have? Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Sony, FujiFilm, Hasselblad…  I always wanted a Hasselblad.


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2 Responses to Drink out of a Lense!

  1. BB says:

    HA! IRL, the Nikon RULES my friend. As for the coffee mug… a Canon does the trick just fine! PS LOVE that pic of you, you gorgeous thing!

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