Weebly PRO The Way To Go

If you browse Weebly’s website, it can be really difficult to find information on the different pricing brackets and their features.

And that’s for good reason. Their free version is packed with features. It has everything you need to build a website fast and easy. Plus giving away the service for free is a great way to get people signed up and using their service. After you signup and start using the Weebly website builder, then they begin to show you the benefits of upgrading to Weebly PRO or Starter.

Since it can be a little difficult to find the Weebly PRO features and pricing until you become a free member, let me solve the confusion for you and give you pricing and features included with Weebly PRO.

This information you won’t see unless you sign up for a new FREE account, so you can thank me later in the comments :).

Weebly PRO & Starter Costs

Weebly recently (in 2013) made a couple of changes, those being their new look editor and their pricing.  So now there are 3 pricing structures; Free, Starter, and Pro. Once you sign up for a free account, you can see this comparison within your account:

Weebly Plans

The rollover arrow is on the Weebly site, so nothing to see here. 🙂
The prices of Pro currently range from $6.63 paying for 2 years to $9.83 paying for 6 months.
The prices of Starter currently range from $3.29 paying for 2 years to $4.83 paying for 6 months.
Prices are current as of August 2013. They may have changed since then.

 #1 Reason To Get Weebly Starter

Even though the Weebly free version has everything you need, you may be sacrificing professionalism by using it.

In the past, I recommended Weebly PRO because of the ability to customize the footer and easily get rid of  the “Get a FREE Weebly Site” text in the footer. Now that feature is included with the Starter version.

For less than $5/month, you can upgrade to Starter and customize your footer to display what you want. Plus you’ll get a few other features like premium support and expanded web statistics.

Check out the custom footer I created below. You can customize it in many different ways with text, links, images, maps etc. They have a great ‘how to’ tool in their resources for a number of different footer styles for inspiration.

Weebly Footer

 #1 Reason to Get Weebly PRO

You can see from the comparison chart above what you will get beyond the Starter version if you upgrade to Weebly PRO. There may be specific reasons why you may need to upgrade to PRO like needing more storage or password protection. But I think the coolest feature with PRO and the #1 reason to upgrade is the Header Slideshows.

With the free version of Weebly, you can add static pictures and text to the header area, but with the PRO version, you can add dynamic header slideshows that change on their own to create movement on your site. Adding this kind of movement to your site is a great way to capture the attention of your visitors and keep them on your site longer. This feature by itself is worth the price of Weebly PRO because it will increase the effectiveness of your site.

Here’s an example of how to access the Weebly PRO header slideshow. It’s one of the best features of Weebly PRO and it can be customized many ways. 

Weebly Slideshow header

Once you have upgraded to PRO you can add to your image; Text & Links. The triangle is just the play button.

Inspired2Design Sileshow

You can also select from the Options menu a number of Transitions, Timing, Navigation Style and Dot Position.

Weebly Slideshow Options

Adding more slides is a simple click of a button, position where you want it or edit with the editing tool.

Slideshow add slide

Weeble PRO Features – More Reasons to Upgrade

If you are already a free member of Weebly, you can login and click upgrade to see the PRO features. Here are some of the important ones. Some of these are also available in the Starter version (see the chart above).

  • Remove Weebly Footer and customize your own footer. (As above)
  • Direct upload of HD videos. Free version built in video only allows YouTube videos
  • 10 sites included with Weebly Pro vs 2 sites on a free account
  • Various levels of access for editors – great for companies who have multiple people managing the website
  • Password protect certain pages
  • Header Slideshows – adds a professional touch to your site.
  • Audio player
  • Site search
  • Lots more…

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