Inspired Extended – 5 Tips for Importing

Who would have thought that some 20 odd years later I’d be revisiting a love and passion.
Those of you who already follow me on facebook would have seen that I’ve been busy on a mission, a textile mission.  Herewith is the new Inspired 2 Give.

My focus was sustainability and empowerment in the community.  I’ve formed a great relationship with a couple of suppliers and am over the moon with the quality of products I now provide.


So What have I learnt?
1. Importing goods is not just about the product. Freight & Duty are such major components and should never be overlooked.
2. Form good relationships.
3. Take your time and do your homework.
4. Remember to pay yourself.
5. And most importantly love what you do.
Anyone who would like to find out more just ask away in that little box below.

I would love to see you over at Inspired 2 Give and LIKE our facebook page so you can not only check out my Turkish Towels and Ponchos but also our fun images along the way.

Here is a little taste



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